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Artist Statement

Following traces of personal memories, cultural dialogs, the play of absurd situations, that are present in everyday situations, literature texts and images, I try to tell stories, using contemporary and mystical symbols.

My dialogs are visual and integrate my passion for hybrid forms and for physical migration, by gathering different cultural and formal patterns around the world from Romania to Berlin, from Berlin to NY, and from Europe to South Korea recently, where I used to live and visit and which inspired my work.

Through my art, I want to create a new world, a refuge for the viewer. An abstract space is home to bizarre and absurd situations and opens into a new fantastical world. I try to see how spaces can be transformed, how a parallel magical world can be created , twisting the perception of a real scene into an absurd, surrealistic story. (think: “Alice in Wonderland”). Black humor and the absurd literature and philosophy (Lewis Caroll; Eugen Ionescu, Kafka) are some sources for my art.

I mostly create colored etchings using a special single print technique, which leads to very limited editions of unique prints. The intensive colors of my etchings combined with the graphic lines, invite for a dialog between painting and graphic art.

The mediums and techniques of expressing my artistic ideas are various.
Bringing Printmaking as an Art Intervention in Public Space("Landscape Traces", "Tracks in Bergen") or as Installations displays(Etchings in woodboxes with enlargement glasses), was also a challenge for me to break the borders between traditional techniques with a strong visual language and the experimental ones with a conceptual form.

Acting performances,(“The Mermaid”, “Who stole the Sun?”, “Warten Wartenberg”,) some of the stories of my etchings, was as much as exciting to search further expressions of story telling.